“Our ten year old son experienced a dramatic upsurge in his confidence and ability at bat after taking private batting lessons with Jeff Henderson. Jeff’s knowledge of the technicality of baseball combined with his natural ability to connect with kids across all ages makes him an excellent choice for private instruction. Our son is very proud of his lift in performance and is thankful that he was able to learn the fundamentals from Jeff. And my husband and I were thankful for the personable and engaging instruction he gave our son.”

–Jeanne Case

“Derek has been coming to every Summer and Holiday camp since his first year in T-ball. Our first camp was the parent/child camp where Jeff goes over the basics and his teaching philosophy. I saw right then and there what a great teacher Jeff is for the kids. Jeff has a great way of working with kids at all skill levels and ages. He shows great patience and knows how to get each kid to understand the fundamentals. He keeps the camps moving with all the different stations, so the kids don’t get bored or complacent from doing one thing for too long. Every activity in the camp is fun, but based in fundamentals. Jeff also has a great group of coaches, who all do a great job of teaching as well.”

“Derek loves coming to camp every year. I’ve never seen him work so hard and love doing it. We have also done private lessons with Jeff where he can work one-one-one with Derek. Derek has even requested to do more of these lessons! Having formerly played baseball and playing for numerous coaches, Jeff is one of the best I have been around and makes the game what it should be: fun and exciting!”

–Rick Nowak

“The coaches and the coaching staff were very helpful and friendly”

–Jackie Holmes

“This is his [my son] first camp experience. He liked it a lot!”

–Carolyn Mori

“Over the past four years, my son has attended both Jeff’s summer camps and his holiday camps. Joe has grown skill wise in each of the years. Jeff Henderson has a wonderful ability to communicate with young people. This skill enables Jeff to readily impart knowledge to the kids in a positive way. My son looks forward to his time with Jeff Henderson”

–Mark Masters

“I loved that this was a half-day camp. There are not many of them around. I also loved that there were very small groups of kids.”

–Amy Miller

“The camps are extremely well organized with a  very good ratio of coaches to kids. There are friendly coaches who made every effort to make kids feel welcome, which is very important for shy kids like my son Ethan. They have a great facility & equipment and wonderful “extras” such as movies at lunch & popsicles!”

–Jennifer Zogg

“As a parent, it is so reassuring to know that sportsmanship, good fundamentals and safety are very important and stressed in the camp. The instruction is fabulous and every child gets to work on things to improve.”

–Mark Costa

“I was very pleased. My son Ethan seemed very engaged each day. I appreciated that each of the coaches made an effort to look the campers in the eye and find positives about the days work.”

–Cathy Emmett

“Both Jonathan and Michael became better baseball players after Jeff’s winter camp this last year. But, most importantly, they really enjoyed the experience and asked to go back.”

“After two private pitching lessons with Jeff, Jonathan was able to lead his team, Rockies, on a 4-game winning streak right after Easter Break. Although they lost in the first round of playoffs, Jonathan was picked by his coaches to play in the All-Star game this Saturday. As of this moment, Michael’s team, the Yankees, is scheduled to paly in the championship game. There is a good chance Michael will be picked to play in the All-Star game as well.”

“In the words of my wife, Mary, ‘Jeff Henderson is worth every penny.'”

“Keep up the good work!”


“It’s wonderful to be able to entrust my children to a program of such integrity.”

–Sarah Green

“My kids thoroughly enjoyed this camp! The staff was excellent and the drills were very valuable. Most of all, it was so much fun! My daughter and son still talk about what they learned when were playing catch with them.”

–Rida Rivera

“It is our first baseball camp and I feel that both Reese & Connor got a lot out of it. It touched on all aspects of the game and kept them excited about coming back every day. It is also great that it is within the confines of the East Altadena Little League, with fields that they are very familiar. We’ll do it again for sure!”

–Ken Turknette

“I just want to thank you for working with Ryan. He lost his confidence during the Little League season and was not having as much fun playing baseball. He really enjoyed your camp and his skills have improved. Now, Ryan once again calls baseball his favorite sport. He is looking forward to your camp in the winter.”

–Kirk Nishiyama

“This is our second year attending Fundamental Baseball camp, and I continue to be impressed by the positive learning environment my son has experienced. He truly enjoys focusing on building his skills through fun, interactive games with committed, friendly, and enthusiastic counselors. Thank you!”

–Heather Baraga

“When I saw what Fundamental Baseball Camps was offering, I thought it was tailor made for us! Each camp was building certain skills, especially the pitching and catching segments. Plus, we wanted a partial day, which had been hard to find. This not only had what we wanted, but the instructor to kid ratio was fantastic! There was a lot of good one-on-one instruction and encouragement. The kids also rotate to various stations often, so they hardly wait around or get bored. The camp is very well planned, organized and well executed. Thanks Jeff (and team) for the great experience! My son learned a lot and will be back again!”

–Krista Bourdages

“We have signed up our boys for many baseball camps. This one by far is the best. The coaches work closely under Jeff and don’t waste a minute of time! It’s very organized and skill-oriented. The kids love it and get detailed instruction in each skill needed to play baseball.”

–Marysol Calvo

“We greatly appreciated the positive atmosphere Fundamental Baseball Camps provided our son. Coach Jeff and his staff balanced beautifully teaching baseball skills in an encouraging manner. As a result, our son learned new ways to improve his baseball skills as a well as began to feel more confident. This is exactly what we hoped this camp would accomplish. Our son had a great time at Fundamental Baseball Camps!”

–Evelyn Sugiyama

“[They are] very organized…I feel comfortable leaving him [my son] there. The attitude of the staff is very positive and character focused.”

–Herag Haleblian

“We loved your camp! Very well organized. Excellent staff. The kids learn and enjoy at the same time. We are so glad we found you! See you at your other camps. Thank you!”

–Chaula Patel

“The camp emphasized the basic fundamentals of baseball and was everything I hoped it would be. Well worth the money”

–Mark Kennedy

“Loved the positive energy and encouragement that Colin received. Loved the ‘word of the day’. It was a great dinner table conversation starter!”

–Maria Stolpe